Budget Cash Flow calculator

Technical details for BudgetCashFlow v1

  • Requires Microsoft Excel running on Windows.  It has been tested at v2010.

  • Uses no Visual Basic for Application (VBA) macros.

  • You will have a single user license for BudgetCashFllow v1.  Once paid and downloaded you can run BudgetCashFllow v1 as many times as you want.

  • The Excel sheets are editable.

  • To import into Google Docs Sheets perform the following steps:​ 1) In Google Docs Sheets, Create New sheet.  2) File -> Import... 3) Upload.  4) Drag MyMaintenanceRecordsV1.xlsm (or the latest version you have paid for) to the Drag a file here or Select a file from the computer.  The file will upload.  5) Import file: Select Replace spreadsheet.  6) Click Import.

What else can BudgetCashFllow v1 do?  That is up to you!  Contact us if you have any suggestions on how to improve BudgetCashFllow v1.  We are always looking for hard-hitting ways to extend the programs capabilities in a manner that is important to you.

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The BudgetCashFlow v1 calculator is a tool that allows you to dynamically estimate your household's (positive or negative) cash flow.  BudgetCashFlow is really two tools integrated together:

  1. A detailed budget planning tool -- to allow you to estimate and plan your household yearly, monthly, or weekly discretionary expenses.
  2. A detailed income tool with dynamic Federal and State income tax estimators.  As you make more money (positive cash flow) you will be taxed more (negative cash flow).  This automatic (yet complex) relationship is handled with ease inside BudgetCashFlow.

Such a tool will allow you to:

  • Estimate the impact of a major increase in household income.  For example, if I got that second job what would be our Net income growth after paying taxes (Fed and State) and additional expenses such as child care?
  • Estimate the impact of a major decrease in household income.  For example, what can we afford if I lose my job?  Can I retire and still keep a positive or neutral cash flow?
  • Calculate how much additional expense you can take on and still have a positive or neutral cash flow.
  • Play "What if?" scenarios to zero your Net Cash Flow by adjusting investments in a wide variety of plans such as 401(k), IRA or other saving plans.  How much tuition can we afford for our child heading off to University?

BudgetCashFlow v1 is written for Microsoft Excel at version 2010, but should work for other versions.  It can also be imported into Google Docs Sheets so the entire family, farm, or business can make updates and share the estimates of cash flow in one place.

More details...

BudgetCashFlow v1 considers your income, broken up into three types.  The reason?  All the taxed income is entered into the Federal and State (optional) tax estimator.  In addition, only the spendable income adds to your positive cash flow.

  1. Income (taxed-spendable) -- Most income is taxed and spendable.  W2, Self-employ, Pensions…
  2. Income (taxed-not spendable) -- Reinvested dividends are taxed but not spendable.  1099-DIV, K-1…
  3. Income (not-taxed, spendable) -- Adds to Positive cash flow; not taxes.  Gifts, Roth, credits…

The standard-looking family budget planner has the following sections (each with many lines to itemize your estimated expenses)

  • HOME

The Federal income tax estimator calculates if the Itemized Deductions or Standard Deduction is best for you.  It takes into account your dependants (exemptions), Pre-tax 401K or IRA investements, to calcualte your Fed Taxable income; which is then put into the tax tables for Single, Married, or Head of Household.  This yields your Federal Income Tax.  But wait, there is more (smile).  BudgetCashFlow v1 also estimates these other Federal taxes based upon your income:

  • Social Security (SS) (Employee)
  • Medicare (Employee)
  • Medicare (Employee) ACA
  • SS+Medicare (Self-Employed)

And, finally, BudgetCashFlow v1 will estimate your State income tax, if applicable, either based upon a fixed amount or an estimated Effective tax rate.

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