What makes a great novel?  Put ten authors into a room and you will get 18 different answers!


Yet, most authors will agree that when you are targeting a particular genre, say Young Adult (YA), you should stick to the literary yard sticks of the like-minded novels already in print.  The number of words, the average word length, the number of unique words as a population of all words (unique word density), the average length of your paragraphs, and so on, become critical to your novel's success.  Statistical outliers have a reduced chance of success in this industry where even the smallest deviation will cause the agent or publisher to discard even before a reading.


Analyze Novels does just that.  It can compare your novel against the greats.  It current knows how to parse...

  1. Characters
  2. Words
  3. Sentences (both narrative and dialogue)

​ produce intelligent graphs and charts of not only your work, but of other works in your genre.  Works of your choice.


Currently, AnalyzeNovels v3 can produce the following novel-to-novel comparisons:

Character counts

  • Char Count All: Count of *all* characters including spaces and special characters like punctuation.  This is similar to most all built in counters.
  • Char Count Non-space: Count of all non-space characters.  This is similar to most all built in counters.
  • Char Count in Words: Just the characters *not* the punctuation.  Only letters/numbers and the dash (not em-dash) in words are counted.

Word counts

  • Word Count: A count of the number of words in the Novel.
  • Word Unique Count: How many unique words are in the Novel.  Of course the longer the Novel the greater chance you will have a unique word.
  • Word Unique Density: The percentage of unique words as a percentage of all the words found in the Novel.  This could also be described as the density of unique words.  Thus, long and short novels can be compared.

Word lengths

  • Word Ave Length: The average length of all the words in the Novel.  Basically "Char Count in Words" divided by "Word Count"
  • Word Longest Length: The length of the longest word in the Novel
  • Word Longest: The longest word in the Novel
  • A histogram of the word lengths.  This not only shows you how many three or four letter words are found in the novel but also the distribution of all the lengths.

Sentence Dialogue and Narrative analysis

  • Average length of all the sentences as measured by the number of words
  • The longest dialogue found in the novel
  • The longest narrative found in the novel
  • The words in dialogue as a percentage of all the words.  This could be described as the dialogue density.

Technical details for AnalyzeNovels v3

  • Requires Microsoft Excel running on Windows.  It has been tested at v2010.

  • Uses Visual Basic for Application (VBA) macros.  The first time you open the file you will need to enable Macros.

  • Can handle up to 10 novels for a single side-by-side comparison.

  • You will have a single user licence for AnalyzeNovels v3.  Once paid and downloaded you can run AnalyzeNovels v3 as many times as you want.

  • The Excel sheets are editable.  The VBA macros are protected (cannot be viewed nor changed).

  • Your Novel text and the results never leave your PC.

What else can AnalyzeNovels v3 do?  That is up to you!  Contact us if you have any suggestions on how to improve AnalyzeNovels v3.  We are always looking for hard-hitting ways to extend the analysis performed that matters to you.  This promise of support includes bugs and usage help.  


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